Olympic Model DD 30 Gas Kiln / Furnace


Olympic Model DD 30 Gas Kiln / Furnace

Casa Grande, AZ


Rec. #3927.... Olympic Model DD 30 Gas Kiln / Furnace Specificifications; Model DownDraft - DD30 Inside Setting Area (w x d x h) inches 36 x 36 x 40 Inside Volume 44 Inside Dimensions (w x d x h) inches 42 x 41 x 47 Cubic Feet 30 Outside Dimensions (w x d x h) inches 59 x 68 x 84 Brick Thickness 4.5" + 1" Fiber Maximum Temperature Cone 10-2350°F/1288°C BTUs x 1,000 46 BTU/HR Total 375,000 Gas Pipe Inside Dimensions 1" Propane (LP) Water Column Pressure 11" Natural Gas (NG) Water Column Pressure 7" No. of Burners 8 Orifice Size LP #40 Orifice Size NG 9/64 # of Gallons LP per Cone 10 Firing 40 Est. Ship Wt (lbs) 2,585 Price.........................$6,500 FOB Casa Grande, AZ. Quick Overview Olympic Kilns builds powerful gas production kilns for potters and businesses. Users are provided with equipment that handles large capacity loads with ease, and best of all, is affordable. Comparing gas to electric kilns is similar to comparing sports cars to sedans. Both will get you where you need to go but the ride is definitely different. Gas kilns are the sports car of kilns. They fire to high temperatures, are high powered and provide the capability to do techniques that cannot be duplicated in an electric kiln such as reduction. Downdrafts have a more complex system than updraft kilns in that their exhaust and intake is at the bottom. These kilns require a chimney or stack to induce enough draft to pull in fresh air for combustion. Olympic builds downdraft kilns as front-loaders and front-loading car designs for convenient loading and unloading.


Stock Number3927