Blast-It-All Mdl. TBS-3 Barrel Blast Machine; 3 cu. ft. Capacity

Casa Grande, AZ

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REC. #3739 Blast-It-All Mdl. TBS-3 Barrel Blast Machine; 3 cu. ft. Capacity CABINET: Constructed of high quality 12 gauge steel.

BARREL: Constructed of 11 Ga. steel. Access to parts loading and unloading is through a removable door, held in place by clamps for security. BARREL DRIVE: DC VARIABLE SPEED CONTROL

UN-LOAD: PERFORATED UNLOADING SUMP WITH VIBRATOR AND FRONT LOWER UN-LOAD DOOR. CABINET DOOR: One, full opening, swing type mounted on heavy duty hinges.

GUN: The BB-3 uses stationary production style guns, suction feed. A Number. 6 air orifice and

CARBIDE nozzle is installed as standard, other sizes and types are available depending upon compressed air supply (see chart). All hoses are 5/8" ID, lightweight, clear, flexible and abrasive resistant. Media/Air blast ration is obtained by a fixed media feed valve. ORIFICE NO. AIR CONSUMPTION 5 34 CFM @ 80 PSIG / GUN 6 47 CFM @ 80 PSIG / GUN

BLOW OFF: A solenoid controlled air timed air blow off.

RECLAIM SYSTEM: High efficiency centrifugal type, with an adjustable air wash and trash screen to trap large debris. A high performance blower is used to convey media and blasting by-products to the reclaim for separation.

DUST COLLECTION: A D-10 Pull Through Dust Collector is utilized on this unit. Blasting by-products are collected in a series of vertically mounted, closed end, dust bags suspended on a spring mounted holder. The Dust Bags are housed in a metal cabinet constructed of high quality steel, with a corrosion resistant enamel finish. Dust is shaken from the bags by a high frequency vibrator mounted on the bag holder. Standard control of the shaker mechanism is by a manually operated air switch, or by an optional automatic shaker control. Dust removed by the shaking process is deposited in the dust sump. Dust and blasting by-products are easily removed for disposal by a slide gate located at the bottom of the sump.

EXHAUSTER: 700 CFM, 1 hp three phase ELECTRICAL: A 230 or 460 Volt, 60 HZ, 3 Phase, service is required. CONTROLS: digital timers for blast and blow off. PAINT: A durable, corrosion resistant enamel, Gray in color, is used internally and externally. FOB Casa Grande, AZ.

Main cabinet.......... 60”x 48”x 78”" h........ 1500 lbs

Drop out unit........ 33"x 50"x 84”h............ 750 lbs

Dust collector....... 32”x 32”x 72”............... 250 lbs


Stock Number3739