Peterson Machinery Sales, Casa Grande, Arizona

Special Saws

We specialize in customizing traveling head and traveling table vertical type band saws for both ferrous and nonferrous applications.  Recognized as one of the country's leaders in customizing saws per our customers specific requirements, we stock many tables and heads that can be modified in a timely and cost effective fashion.  Some of the saw heads that we stock are Tannewitz, Oliver, DoAll, Marvel, Rockwell-Delta, and Pehaka.  We have a saw that can fit your needs.  Please call or email us with your needs.


36" Tannewitz Traveling Head Vertical Band Saw;  Extended Height

Above is an 26" DoAll Band Saw with extended height, traveling table that was modified for a Canadian company.

Above is an example of a 36" Tannewitz Model G1NE Band Saw that we modified to add a programmable hydraulic traveling table. The 36" x 36" table has a stroke of approximately 20" with 2 speeds preprogrammed into the PLR control package. The hydraulic pressure could be varied as well as the table speed to give the operator full cut control.

The two photos above are of a 36" Tannewiz Model G1E Band Saw. We added a 36" x 36" manual traveling table to this machine for the R&D division of a company in the Midwest.

The above 60" Grob Band Saw has a stationary table and moving head.